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Argentina Hikes Electricity Prices Up To 400%, Passes More Pro-Business Measures; Protests Continue

Newly appointed Argentine President Mauricio Macri has eliminated controls on Friday for companies that enforced price labeling of products, teleSur reports. The regulation was passed in October 2015 by former President Cristina Fernandez to avoid price manipulation by traders. Specifically, goods such as food, drinks, hygiene products, and cleaning products came under an agreed reference price which … Continue reading

Argentina Revisited – One Month On. Towards A Neoliberal “Democratic Dictatorship” – OpEd

By Peter Koenig Argentina – a new dictator is born. Actually no, he has just been elected. – Or, was he? – It appears like the newly elected Mauricio Macri is the most fascist and dictatorial President since the Videla military era. Unlike Videla, Macri hasn’t murdered people (yet); not by traditional weapons, but may … Continue reading

Argentina’s New Government Needs To Act Quickly To Fix The Economy

By Mohamed A. El-Erian, Last week, the government of newly elected Argentine President Mauricio Macri launched a bold plan to revitalize a bruised and beleaguered economy plagued by high inflation. At a time of daunting crisis conditions, one should not underestimate the importance of this move not just for Argentina, but also for other countries, where … Continue reading

Election Confidence Gives Argentina’s ETF A Boost

By James Eugene Argentina’s largest exchange traded fund, the Global X MSCI Argentina ETF (ARGT), recorded its largest inflow of money on Wednesday 5th November after investors gained confidence that the conservative candidate could be victorious in the country’s upcoming election. According to Bloomberg, the ARGT, which tracks the MSCI All Argentina 25/50 Index, “recorded inflows of … Continue reading

Argentina: The Battle For Presidency

By Nil Nikandrov The Argentine presidential election on Oct. 25 did not answer the question of who will lead the country for the next four years. The vote tally eliminated only one of the three main candidates – Sergio Massa, the ambitious leader of the centrist Frente Renovador («Renewal Front») and former head of the cabinet … Continue reading

Argentina’s Ruling Party Proposes Larger Banknotes Amid Soaring Prices

By Adam Dubove For the first time in years, lawmakers from Argentina’s ruling Front for Victory coalition have proposed upping the size of the country’s largest denomination banknote to AR$200. Congressman Carlos Kunkel, author of the initiative, claims the measure has nothing to do with inflation, which runs at 25-35 percent annually, according to private estimates. Instead, the … Continue reading

Latin America’s Priorities For The Next Decade

By Natalie Ramirez-Djumena Latin America has made significant social gains in the past 15 years Given weak global conditions, region needs to develop new opportunities for social development Key priorities include participation in formal labor markets, increasing productivity Latin American countries will need to develop new opportunities to boost growth, while preserving and even enhancing social … Continue reading

Venezuela, Argentina, Turkey Are The Most Vulnerable To Risks Facing EMs: S&P

For the world’s emerging market nations, the period since the 2008 financial crisis has been, overall, conducive to economic growth, as a result of easy global credit conditions and, for commodity exporters, positive price developments. Now, though, at least three major risks are combining to provide for a much darker outlook, according to an article published … Continue reading

Despite Elections, Argentina’s Economic Trajectory Is Set

Regardless of election outcomes in October, Argentina’s next government will begin liberalizing its economy, potentially loosening restrictions on the repatriation of funds, reducing the enforcement of price controls and reducing subsidies. Despite slight changes to Argentina’s regulatory framework, the government will continue to bar some investment and businesses to stem capital flight and to maintain … Continue reading

In Argentina, The Sun Is Finally Setting On The Kirchner Era

Argentina’s open presidential primary is over, and the stage is now set for the election in October. With the current president, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, constitutionally barred from running again, the autumn poll looks set to be a fight between Argentina’s two main political coalitions. On the left is Daniel Scioli, the current governor of … Continue reading

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