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Are EU Country Central Banks “Illegally” Buying Government Bonds?

The following text is an English transcript (translation) of an RT Berlin Interview with economist and geopolitical analyst Peter Koenig in German regarding an apparent secret agreement between the European Central Bank (ECB) and individual Euro countries’ central banks issuing large amounts of government bonds. The discovery flared up just before the FED raised its base interest … Continue reading

The IMF Changes Its Rules To Isolate China And Russia

By Michael Hudson A nightmare scenario of U.S. geopolitical strategists is coming true: foreign independence from U.S.-centered financial and diplomatic control. China and Russia are investing in neighboring economies on terms that cement Eurasian integration on the basis of financing in their own currencies and favoring their own exports. They also have created the Shanghai Cooperation … Continue reading

China Carefully Moving to Displace Dollar

By F. William Engdahl While Washington seems obsessed with trying to humiliate China’s President Xi Jinping and make him lose face, sending warships into Chinese territorial waters in the South China Sea just days after Obama’s White House meeting with President XI, and other provocative acts, Britain’s government is taking advantage of the growing cleft between … Continue reading

Yuan’s Accession Marks End To Any Containment Of China

By Robert Shines With the recent IMF decision to grant China’s currency the status of reserve currency, any attempts to “contain” China are over. China has taken a major step in confirming its international economic importance and its reemergence on the world stage with the accession of the yuan as a reserve currency. The move … Continue reading

Zimbabwe To Make Chinese Yuan Legal Currency After Beijing Cancels Debts

Zimbabwe has announced that it will make the Chinese yuan legal tender after Beijing confirmed it would cancel $40m in debts. “They [China] said they are cancelling our debts that are maturing this year and we are in the process of finalising the debt instruments and calculating the debts,” minister Patrick Chinamasa said in a … Continue reading

The Global Economic Reset Has Begun

By Brandon Smith In my last article, I outlined the deliberately engineered trend toward the forced “harmonization” of national economies and monetary policies, as well as the ultimate end goal of globalists: a single world currency system controlled by the International Monetary Fund and, by extension, global governance, which internationalists sometimes refer to in their more … Continue reading

‘Silk Road’ Countries’ Gold Reserves Accumulation Has Grown 450% Since 2008

Silk road total demand, including the growth of official reserves and commercial imports, has risen from 1,493 tonnes in the year 2000 to over 27,087 tonnes in 2015. The greatest increase has been since the global financial crisis in 2008 with an astonishing increase of 450% over the total amounts accumulated until then. As you … Continue reading

Peter Schiff: Gold-Backed Chinese Yuan Could Ultimately Replace Dollar As Reserve

Last week, leading into the weekend, the International Monetary Fund’s (IMF) Director Christine Lagarde pretty much gave the green light to add the Chinese renminbi (RMB) / yuan to the IMF’s Special Drawing Rights basket of currencies following an IMF Executive Board review. Following this news, Peter Schiff, the CEO and Chief Global Strategist of Euro Pacific Capital told RT’s Boom … Continue reading

Gold, Oil, And “Grandmaster Putin’s Trap”

By Oriental Review In December of last year we published an intriguing article by Dmitry Kalinichenko, “Grandmaster Putin’s Trap,” which has drawn far more attention from readers than we ever expected. It continues to be cited by many international political and economic experts. That article addressed Russia’s latent strategy to get rid of US bonds … Continue reading

Tehran Approves Russian-Iranian Joint Bank

Iran has approved Russia’s proposal to launch a joint bank for investment in bilateral trade and economic projects, a deputy co-chair of the Russian-Iranian intergovernmental commission said Wednesday, Russia’s Sputnik News Agency reports. “It [the establishment of the bank] could be done very soon, depending on technical issues and how they could be resolved,” Mehdi Mohtashemi told RIA Novosti. … Continue reading

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