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Why Russia And China Buying Gold — Tons Of It

By F. William Engdahl Gold is one of the most fascinating of all rare metals. Throughout all history it has been given a special, at times sacred or spiritual value, since six thousand years ago when the Egyptian Pharoahs’ tombs were filled with it to accompany the dead on their journey. In times of world financial … Continue reading

Central Banks Are About To Leave Fiat Addicted Stock Markets In Agony

By Brandon Smith Many investors today are not very familiar with market history and tend to live only in the day-to-day mainstream narrative while watching little red and green graphs move up and down. This is not so much an issue in a relatively stable economic environment. The problem is, today we live in the most … Continue reading

Peter Schiff: Dollar Collapse Will Be the Single Biggest Event In Human History

Peter Schiff, CEO and Chief Global Strategist for Euro Pacific Capital, has a stark warning for investors: a global collapse is coming that will bring down the U.S. dollar alongside all other fiat currencies and then lead to the collapse of all paper assets. . “This will be the first event that will touch every single living person in the world. … Continue reading

Why Gold-Backed Money Doesn’t Bring Booms And Busts

By Frank Shostak According to popular thinking, not every increase in the supply of money will have an effect on economic activity. For instance, if an increase in supply is matched by a corresponding increase in the demand for money, we are told, then there won’t be any effect on the economy. The increase in … Continue reading

Gold, And Pulling The Plug On The Fiat Petrodollar

By Ken Jorgustin The United States has been fully off the gold standard for 44 years. Depending on where you read statistics, the average life expectancy of Fiat currencies are somewhere between 27 and 39 years. Fiat economies ALWAYS collapse. The thing is… The U.S. Dollar is on life support, and the world is about to … Continue reading

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