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Chinese Find Australia A Good Place For Investments

China is second only to the United States in the scale of its investment in Australia, with interests in increasingly broad sections of the economy. But while Canberra welcomes overseas investment, there has been opposition to the influx of Chinese money. Recent figures from the finance firm KPMG and the University of Sydney show that … Continue reading

China’s Transition To A Consumer Led Economy: A Precarious Wish

By Jeffrey P. Snider, Alhambra Investment Partners The idea that China was transitioning to a “consumer led” economy was always a precarious wish. Doubts start with the timing, as it wasn’t until 2009 that it was even proposed, but the idea really didn’t gain any traction until after 2012. In other words, the only time Chinese … Continue reading

China Wants to Import More Oil From Nigeria

By Jill Malandrino Despite instability in crude oil prices, global production at record highs and Iran coming back on line to produce more oil than analysts expected, China wants to import more crude oil from Nigeria. In an interview with the Nigerian News Agency, Zao LingXiang, economic and commercial counselor of the Chinese Embassy in Nigeria, … Continue reading

China’s Economy: The Sum Of The Parts [Infographic]

By Jeff Desjardins, Visual Capitalist Geographically vast countries such as the United States or Canada have incredible diversity within their borders. Every part of the country appears unique, as the distribution of population, culture, geographical features, natural resources, and regional industries vary from place to place. Think of the differences within the U.S. alone: Silicon Valley is … Continue reading

China Grinds Slower As Industrial Production At Lowest Level Since Nov 2008

By Jeffrey P. Snider, Alhambra Investment Partners Industrial production for the combined January/February period in China fell to just 5.4%, matching the lowest growth rate of the past fourteen years. Only the January/February 2002 IP rate was lower, but that was a single data point giving way to the rising financialization of the late eurodollar period. … Continue reading

Chinese Financial Sector Is Planning To Take Over Russian Banks

“Russia’s Central Bank Deputy Chairman Mikhail Sukhov said on Monday that a number of Chinese banks are interested in purchasing Russian banks, and that they are negotiating takeover deals with some Russian financial institutions,” People’s Daily China reports. It is true that some Chinese banks are examining the situation with a number of Russian banks … Continue reading

Goldman Predicts $700Bn Capital Outflow, Weaker Yuan For China In 2016

The world’s second biggest economy will see $700 billion leave the country this year, says Goldman Sachs. However, a currency crisis in China is unlikely to happen soon, according to the bank. Even though capital outflows from China have grown from 2013, the main concern is declining foreign reserves of the People’s Bank of China, … Continue reading

By Contrast, The Chinese Are Skipping Full ‘Stimulus’ No Matter The Inflation Rate

By Jeffrey P. Snider, Alhambra Investment Partners Europe is not the only location seeking out more “inflation”, as almost any central bank around the world except Banco do Brasil would do anything to find it. The ECB provided more emphasis in their panicked escalation today. In China, by contrast, consumer prices moved to +2.3% in February, … Continue reading

China Investors Made Record Allocations In Europe And U.S. In 2015: Baker & McKenzie

“Chinese investment in Europe and the United States hit a record high in 2015, according to a report released by law firm Baker & McKenzie on Thursday,” Xinhua reports. Just in 2015 China allocated: US$ 23 billion into Europe, US$ 15 billion into America.   The top three investment destinations in Europe were: Italy, France, … Continue reading

China Sees Its Economy Growing By 32 Percent Within The Next 5 Years

“The Chinese economy will grow by 32 percent in the next five years, surpassing $791 billion, the country’s government announced,” Sputnik reports. By that time [2020] the total volume of China’s economy will surpass 90 trillion yuan, its quality and development effectiveness will substantially increase, the government said in a Saturday report. According to the government report, … Continue reading

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