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Reforms Will Keep The People’s Republic Of China Driving Global Growth

MANILA — To hear some pundits tell it, China’s economic miracle – one that lifted 300 million people out of poverty and shifted the world’s geopolitical center of gravity – is coming to a tumultuous end. The volatile stock market and the renminbi’s “surprise” depreciation are signs of imminent economic collapse, according to this view, … Continue reading

South Africa’s Changing Demographic Could Lift Growth to 5.4% by 2030

Taking advantage of its growing working-age population could help accelerate South Africa’s growth to 5.4 percent a year and double per capita incomes by 2030, according to the South Africa Economic Update released by the World Bank today. The report explores how the projected growth can be attained by creating a virtuous circle of job … Continue reading

Kenya: The Dualism Conundrum

Kenya, like many other African countries, has a dualism issue in the structure of its economy that informs the patterns of the economic development of the country. Although there are several forms of dualism active in the Kenyan (and African) economy, the article will focus on formal vs. informal dualism. The formal sector of the … Continue reading

China’s Transition To Slower But Better Growth

China is moving to a “new normal” of slower yet safer and more sustainable growth. This involves giving the market a more decisive role in the economy, says the IMF in its annual assessment of the economy. China’s growth is expected to be 6.8 percent in 2015, down from 7.4 percent last year. This slowdown, … Continue reading

Greek Economy Unexpectedly Expands In Q2

“Greece’s economy grew in the second quarter in a surprise surge just before the standoff between the government and its creditors forced officials to impose capital controls,” Bloomberg reports. Greece’s GDP grew 0.8% in Q2, according to The Hellenic Statistical Authority. The growth came as a surprise to Bloomberg-surveyed analysts, who were expecting to see a … Continue reading

ETF Assets Traded In The Past 12 Months Worth $18.2 Trillion: Greater Than U.S. GDP

In the past 12 months investors traded $18.2 trillion worth of ETF shares, according to data from the New York Stock Exchange and Bloomberg, a senior ETF analyst for Bloomberg, Eric Balchunas, reports. The amount is three times what is was 10 years ago and is now more than the U.S. gross domestic product (GDP), … Continue reading

Kenya’s Real Debt Issue; And It Is Not The GDP To Debt Ratio

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank recently raised the red flag over debt, stating Kenya must put a tight lid on it to keep its economy on a steady growth path. According to the Business Daily, Kenya’s debt load crossed the 50 per cent of gross domestic product (GDP) mark to stand at … Continue reading

South Korea And China Sign Free-Trade Agreement: Will It Help To Avoid Growth Contraction?

“South Korea and China signed a free-trade deal on Monday that will remove tariffs on more than 90 percent of goods over two decades,” Business Mirror reports. The agreement covers 22 areas, including finance and online commerce. However, rice and autos have been excluded from the document. The deal should boost South Korea’s GDP by 1 percentage … Continue reading

India’s Economy Growth Ahead Of China In Q1: Economists Doubtful

“India’s economy grew faster than China’s in the quarter through March, data showed on Friday, but a sharp downward revision for the previous quarter fuelled doubts about the accuracy of a new method used to measure economic activity,” Reuters reports. Asia’s third-largest economy grew 7.5 percent year-on-year in the last quarter. The result is better … Continue reading

Will India Overtake China In Modi’s First Year?

India is expected to release GDP data on Friday and that is expected to show the economy growing faster than China for a second quarter in a row.  Recently, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been celebrating his first year in office. One of his ambitions is to transform India into the fastest growing major economy. Earlier this year, … Continue reading

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