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Why Obama Wants To Lift Sanctions On Iran – OpEd

“It is essential to recognize that Iran does not currently have a nuclear weapons program, nor does it possess a nuclear weapon. On February 26, James Clapper, the director of national intelligence, told the Senate Armed Services Committee that Ayatollah Khomenei, the supreme leader of Iran, ended his country’s nuclear weapons program in 2003 and … Continue reading

China’s New Investment Bank: A Premature Prophecy

By Mark Fleming-Williams, Stratfor Global Intelligence Former U.S. Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers wrote on April 5 that this month may be remembered as the moment the United States lost its role as the underwriter of the global economic system. His comments refer to the circumstances surrounding China’s launch of a new venture, the Asian Infrastructure Investment … Continue reading

Chaos And Hegemony: How U.S. Dollar Imperialism Dominates The World – OpEd

By Dr. Mohssen Massarrat With last fall’s U.S. Congressional elections, the Barack Obama ‘era’ has entered its final phase. Shortly before coming to power, the new U.S. president had sparked a massive uproar when he proclaimed a new ‘Pacific century.’ Since then, roughly two years before the end of his term in office, we can see more … Continue reading

China’s Bank And Waning U.S. Hegemony – OpEd

By Jack Rasmus Two events occurred last week that mark a further phase in the waning of US global economic hegemony: China introduced its own Economic Development Bank, the ‘Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank’ (AIIB); the IMF simultaneously announced it will decide in May to include the Chinese currency as a global reserve-trading currency alongside the … Continue reading

The War On Petrocurrencies

By Gulam Asgar Mitha U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in 2007 had supposedly asked ex-Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd “how do you get tough on your banker?.” This was over concerns about China’s growing power and hold on U.S. finances. According to Wikileaks, Rudd told Clinton to keep force as a last resort. Do … Continue reading

If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, Join ‘Em: U.S. Seeks Collaboration With China-Led Infrastructure Bank

The Obama administration, much to its embarrassment, in recent weeks has been spurned by its Western allies that have flocked to the $50 billion Chinese-led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) — a potential rival to the Western-led IMF and World Bank — despite pleas from the White House to stand back amid concerns that Beijing will extend its influence in the … Continue reading

Westward Ho On China’s Eurasia BRIC Road

By Pepe Escobar, Asia Times What’s in a name, rather an ideogram? Everything. A single Chinese character – jie (for “between”) – graphically illustrates the key foreign policy initiative of the new Chinese dream. In the upper part of the four-stroke character – which, symbolically, should be read as the roof of a house – the … Continue reading

China Is Deepening Its Foothold In Africa

By Salman Rafi Sheikh No country has so rapidly and so successfully penetrated in Africa in the last two decades or so as China has. Not only has China managed to take over economic ‘supervision’ of Africa, but has now started to deploy its military in the region too. China may be Africa’s biggest trade … Continue reading

Washington’s Quiet Proxy War Against Vietnam – OpEd

By Tony Cartalucci Washington’s meddling across Asia has grabbed headlines recently in Hong Kong where US National Endowment for Democracy (NED) funded opposition leaders attempted to trigger a “color revolution” targeting the government of Beijing and Hong Kong’s local administrators. Its spectacular failure was owed to the almost immediate exposure of the protesters as foreign-backed proxies serving … Continue reading

Rapprochement Between The U.S. And Cuba And Sanctions Against Venezuela – OpEd

By William Camacaro and Frederick B. Mills In a historic address on December 17, 2014 on “Cuba policy changes” President Barack Obama declared, “our shift in policy towards Cuba comes at a moment of renewed leadership in the Americas.” This “renewed leadership,” in our view, seeks to gradually undermine socialism in Cuba, check waning U.S. influence in the … Continue reading

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