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Bad News For Putin As Support For War Flags Beyond Russia’s ‘Troll Farms’

Eastern Ukraine has recently seen its worst period of attacks by Russian-backed separatists since they captured the town of Debaltseve in February. It had fallen in the days after the two sides reached the Minsk-2 ceasefire agreement. Ukraine, Russia and the West have repeatedly underlined the importance of Minsk 2, but whether it has been … Continue reading

Ukraine’s Poroshenko Warns Of ‘Colossal Threat’

Ukraine’s president has warned his country there is a “colossal threat” that large-scale fighting could resume in the east, and said the military should be prepared to defend Ukraine against a possible invasion along its border with Russia. Petro Poroshenko spoke in an annual address to parliament on June 4, a day after the heaviest … Continue reading

Vladimir Putin: Meeting With Permanent Members Of The Security Council

Vladimir Putin met with permanent members of the Security Council. Particular attention was given to the issue of energy supplies to southeast Ukraine. By The Kremlin Implementation of the Minsk Agreements and current issues on the domestic economic agenda were also discussed. Taking part in the meeting were Prime MinisterDmitry Medvedev, Federation Council SpeakerValentina Matviyenko, … Continue reading

Ukraine: To Arm Or Not To Arm – OpEd

As the war (there’s no point any longer in using hedging words like “crisis” or “conflict”) in eastern Ukraine has intensified over the past several months, an idea that would have once been considered radical has rapidly gained traction among mainstream pundits. I’m talking, of course, about the prospect of sending weapons, “lethal defensive aid” … Continue reading

Putin On Ice

By Stephen Holmes and Ivan Krastev Project Syndicate VIENNA – Global temperatures are rising, but the former Soviet Union’s frozen conflicts show no sign of a thaw. On the contrary, the ice is expanding. Russia’s support for the election held by separatists in Donetsk and Luhansk – key cities in Ukraine’s Donbas region – indicates … Continue reading

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