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The Nicaragua Canal: Stuck In A Quagmire

By Edwin Nieves On July 7th 2014, the Hong Kong Nicaragua Development Group (HKND) announced the approval of a plan to build a canal linking the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans through Nicaragua, roughly one hundred years after the United States completed the Panama Canal[1]. The Nicaraguan enterprise would be the largest civil engineering feat in … Continue reading

Pentagon To Deploy Fleet Of Submarine Drones To Disputed South China Sea Islands

In the latest sign that the U.S. has no intention to back down in the South China Sea, the Pentagon has announced plans to launch underwater drones near the Spratly archipelago. . Over the past year, Washington has expressed outrage over a series of land reclamation projects by Beijing in the South China Sea. In a show of opposition, the Pentagon … Continue reading

Falkland Islands Lie In Argentinian Waters, Rules UN Commission

Argentina’s government is celebrating a decision by a UN commission to expand its maritime territory in the South Atlantic Ocean by 35% to include the disputed Falkland islands and beyond. The Argentine foreign ministry said its waters had increased by 1.7 million square km (0.66 million square miles) and the decision will be key in … Continue reading

India Reinforces Regional Naval Primacy To Counter Potential Chinese Encirclement

By Robert Shines India has shifted its strategic focus from the army to navy, seeking to counter potential Chinese encirclement and secure maritime energy routes. India has recently emphasized the role that its navy will play in enabling the country to pursue its geopolitical ambitions. The primary driver in India’s naval focus will be to … Continue reading

The New Silk Roads And The Rise Of The ‘Chinese Dream’

By Pepe Escobar Beijing is advancing a Chinese-led globalization that will challenge U.S. hegemony both regionally and globally. Earlier last week, the first Chinese commercial train, with 32 containers, arrived in Tehran after a less than 14-day journey from the massive warehouse of Yiwu in Zhejiang, eastern China, crossing Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan. This is a 10,400 … Continue reading

South China Sea Tensions Set To Rise As China Adapts New ‘Deep Sea Exploration Law’

The stage is set for further tensions in the South China Sea as Beijing announced on Friday that it has adopted its first law on deep sea exploration, in the nation’s latest move to assert itself as a maritime power. On Friday, China’s top legislature passed the country’s first law on deep seafloor resource exploration to “protect the maritime environment” and “ensure … Continue reading

China Begins Construction Of Naval Base On The Horn Of Africa In Djibouti

China has started construction on a naval logistics base in Djibouti, Reuters reports, citing a spokesperson from the Chinese Ministry of Defense. Some 4,800 miles away from Beijing, China’s new naval base in Djibouti, a tiny African nation of less than 1 million people, sits on a strategic position on the Horn of Africa along key global shipping routes where the mouth of the Red Sea … Continue reading

China Deploys Fighter Jets To Disputed Island In South China Sea, Fox News Says

As tensions in the South China Sea continue to boil to all-time highs, China has deployed fighter jets to one of the disputed islands in the South China Sea, Fox News reports, citing two U.S. officials. Fox News says the fighter jets have been deployed to the same island where China deployed two batteries of eight HQ-9 surface-to-air … Continue reading

A Glimpse Into China’s Military Presence In The South China Sea

By Stratfor Global Intelligence Widely published satellite imagery from Feb. 14 shows the presence of new Chinese air defense systems on Woody Island in the South China Sea, highlighting continuing maritime frictions in the area. But new imagery obtained by Stratfor provides a higher-resolution view of the deployment and activities taking place across the island. Specialists at … Continue reading

The South China Sea Crisis And The “Battle For Oil”

By Brian Kalman A long brewing crisis of both regional and global proportions has been festering in the South China Sea in recent years between claimants to a variety of islands, reefs and shoals and more importantly access to oil and natural gas resources that are worth trillions of dollars. Although this dispute, or more accurately … Continue reading

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