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Greece Is Just Another Victim Of Washington’s Empire

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American Dreaming, From G1 To Bilderberg

What’s the connection between the G7 summit in Germany, President Putin’s visit to Italy, the Bilderberg club meeting in Austria, and the TTIP – the US-EU free trade deal – negotiations in Washington? By Pepe Escobar We start at the G7 in the Bavarian Alps – rather G1 with an added bunch of “junior partners” … Continue reading

New-Model Development Finance

China’s success in establishing the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank has been widely regarded as a diplomatic fiasco for the United States. By Anne-Marie Slaughter After discouraging all US allies from joining the AIIB, President Barack Obama’s administration watched as Great Britain led a raft of Western European countries, followed by Australia and South Korea, into … Continue reading

Russia To Surround USA With Its Influence – OpEd

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu has recently visited Iran and India, while Federation Council Speaker Valentina Matviyenko has paid a visit to Nicaragua. The officials discussed Russia’s participation in the construction of a transatlantic channel of military and strategic importance. Russia’s most recent agreements became a response to the challenges from the United States. The … Continue reading

Drones And The New Ethics Of War – The “Humanitarian” Weapon – OpEd

By Neve Gordon This Christmas small drones were among the most popular gift under the tree in the U.S. with manufacturers stating that they sold 200,000 new unmanned aerial vehicles during the holiday season. While the rapid infiltration of drones into the gaming domain clearly reflects that drones are becoming a common weapon among armed … Continue reading

Argentina In The Empire’s Cross Hairs – OpEd

By Hans Vogel This past Monday, 19 January, hundreds of angry people gathered in the central square of Argentina’s capital, Buenos Aires. They had come to protest against what they regard as the official murder of Alberto Nisman, state prosecutor leading the investigation into the 1994 bombing of the Jewish community center AMIA (Asociación Mútua … Continue reading

27 Facts That Show How The Middle Class Has Fared Under 6 Years Of Barack Obama – OpEd

By Michael Snyder During his State of the Union speech on Tuesday evening, Barack Obama is going to promise to make life better for middle class families.  Of course he has also promised to do this during all of his other State of the Union addresses, but apparently he still believes that there are people … Continue reading

40 Years Of Economic Policy In One Chart – OpEd

By Mike Whitney Growth of Real Hourly Compensation for Production/Non-supervisory Workers and Productivity, 1948–2011 Is America in the throes of a class war? Look at the chart and decide for yourself. It’s all there in black and white, and you don’t need to be an economist to figure it out. But, please, take some time … Continue reading

An Emerging Multi-Polar World: America’s Mad Rush To The Bottom – OpEd

By Norman Pollack US foreign policy is the country’s Achilles heel. On the domestic side, it faces few challenges and can get away with pretty much what it pleases, e.g., massive surveillance, Espionage Act prosecutions to silence revelations of war crimes, taxation policies which widen inequities of income distribution, regulatory policies ditto for further concentration … Continue reading

“Russia Must Keep The U.S. At Gunpoint”

Russia’s military doctrine can be updated and altered against the changing nature of threats. Pravda.Ru interviewed President of the International Center for Geopolitical Analysis, Doctor of Historical Sciences Leonid Ivashov, about the current state of affairs in the military doctrine of the Russian Federation. “The concluding part of the military doctrine from 2010 states that … Continue reading

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