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Indonesia: Jokowi’s Cabinet Shake-Up Offers Hope, But Little Growth Impact

By Qingzhen Chen Jokowi’s revamped cabinet features experienced technocrats appointed to boost the largest economy in Southeast Asia. Domestic business insiders welcomed the cabinet reshuffle, but remain cautious as they wait for better policy coherence and direction. Just ten months into his first term, President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo replaced six ministers in a 34-official cabinet on Wednesday. … Continue reading

China’s Ongoing Game Of Chess In Southeast Asia

By Eliza King As China continues to expand into a superpower large enough to one day rival the United States, the support and cooperation of Southeast Asian countries is imperative. Since 2000 China’s trade with the 10 ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) member countries rose from $32 billion to $350 billion in 2014, with estimates … Continue reading

India’s Modi Can Lead South Asia’s Regional And Global Integration

By Sourabh Gupta India’s domestic and international economic choices have not always been the wisest. At independence, India was determined to transcend the distorted pattern of economic integration with the world that two centuries of exploitative colonialism had engendered. But in the process, it ended up effectively locking itself out of global trade and investment … Continue reading

With Elections Approaching In The Philippines, Investors Remain Cautious

By Qingzhen Chen With presidential elections in the Philippines less than a year away, uncertainty regarding the future of economic policies has caused investors to remain cautious. The Philippines have experienced huge improvement under President Aquino’s administration. His administration’s economic reform has led to solid economic growth, and his anti-corruption campaign has improved governance. Last year, … Continue reading

Why Vietnam Needs To Bring Down Its Currency To Improve Competitiveness

By Chu Nguyen The appreciation of the Vietnamese dong, coupled with characteristics specific to Vietnam’s transitional economy, leaves the State Bank of Vietnam (SBV) with difficult choices in conducting monetary policy. Luckily, the SBV retains adequate fiscal flexibility to respond to this pressure through its exchange rate policy. Vietnam has, for several decades, pegged the dong to … Continue reading

Why India Should Join China’s Maritime Silk Road

By Geethanjali Nataraj Chinese President Xi Jinping proposed the concept of the Maritime Silk Road (MSR) — now a part of the One Belt, One Road initiative — during his visit to Indonesia in October 2013. The MSR is an attempt to promote economic cooperation and connectivity by reviving the ancient maritime Silk Road trading … Continue reading

With Eyes On MSCI Upgrade To EM: Vietnam Stocks, ETF’s May Be Set For Revival As Ownership Limits Lifted

As Vietnam eyes an upgrade from frontier market status to emerging market status by MSCI, the nation has eased curbs on foreign ownership in an effort to boost inflows to the nation’s stocks, Bloomberg reports on Sunday. Foreign investors can now increase holdings to 100 percent from 49 percent starting in September in “a number” of industries, according … Continue reading

In Asia, An Aviation Boom Is In Full Swing, But Is Lacking Pilots

In Asia, aviation is booming, as carriers have branched out to emerging cities that have previously been untapped and such growth is rapidly growing. In addition to the rapid growth to service to such new emerging cities, the most critical aspect is overlooked. Pilots. In Asia, particularly in China, as growth expands at a break-neck clip, the … Continue reading

Vietnam Looks To Ramp Up Investment By Easing Regulations By Most In 25 Years

In a move to jumpstart its lagging investment climate, Vietnam is set to ease business regulations by the most in 25 years as it plans on accelerating the sale of its state-owned firms starting on July 1, Bloomberg reports. Starting July 1, the Vietnamese government will reduce the number of areas in which firms are prohibited from operating from … Continue reading

Red Card For FDI In Qatar?

By Sam Doo Within the tumultuous geopolitics of the Middle East, Qatar stands as an oasis of relative calm. Thanks to a stable government, vast oil reserves, and favorable investment climate, FDI has been pouring into the country. In 2010, Qatar reached another milestone in announcing itself to the world by securing the right to … Continue reading

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