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‘No Reason Why Greece Could Not Have Two Currencies’ – A Euro Architect

Today we still use an industrial age monetary construct while we have technologies to do things differently. Greece could create a precedent with a different way of addressing economic problems, says one of the architects of the euro, Bernard Lietaer. RT: You were one of the people who helped bring about the birth of the … Continue reading

Argentine Minister Of Foreign Relations, Hector Timerman, Challenges Cameron Over Falkland Islands

An Argentine Minister of Foreign Relations , Hector Timerman, has challenged Prime Minister David Cameron over the British claim on the Falkland Islands during a summit in Brussels, RT reports. A Downing Street spokesperson said: “At the dinner, the prime minister robustly defended the Falklands and the islanders’ right to self-determination in response to the … Continue reading

Cracks In The Eurozone: Exit Stage Right (Brexit) And Left (Grexit)

By Jack Rasmus On May 8 the Conservative Party in the UK won an upset electoral victory, gaining an unexpected outright majority of seats in the British Parliament.  The big losers in the election were the UK Labour Party and Liberal Party, both of which occupied ‘centrist’ positions in the election, as they both had consistently … Continue reading

China Must Strengthen Its AIIB Balancing Act

By Kai He and Huiyun Feng The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) has become part of Xi Jinping’s ‘Chinese Dream’ of national rejuvenation. The United States’ failure to block other developed economies from joining the AIIB seems to have brought this part of the ‘Chinese dream’ closer to its realisation. But it is way too … Continue reading

China’s New Investment Bank: A Premature Prophecy

By Mark Fleming-Williams, Stratfor Global Intelligence Former U.S. Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers wrote on April 5 that this month may be remembered as the moment the United States lost its role as the underwriter of the global economic system. His comments refer to the circumstances surrounding China’s launch of a new venture, the Asian Infrastructure Investment … Continue reading

Russia Lifts Ban On Delivering S-300 Missile Systems To Iran; Supplies May Begin “Any Moment”

Russia has lifted a ban on deliveries of its advanced anti-missile system to Tehran on Monday, according to a statement from the Kremlin. The lifting of the ban is in wake of progress that was made during the Iran nuclear talks over a week ago, which paves the way for the international community to gradually lift sanctions from the … Continue reading

AIIB, BRICS Development Bank, And An Emerging World

By F. William Engdahl Germany is a founding member as France. So is Luxemburg, even Great Britain. Putin’s Russia and India are also among the founders. To the surprise of many, so is the International Monetary Fund (IMF), an institution that until now has been a pillar of the dollar system. We are talking about China’s … Continue reading

China’s Bank And Waning U.S. Hegemony – OpEd

By Jack Rasmus Two events occurred last week that mark a further phase in the waning of US global economic hegemony: China introduced its own Economic Development Bank, the ‘Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank’ (AIIB); the IMF simultaneously announced it will decide in May to include the Chinese currency as a global reserve-trading currency alongside the … Continue reading

UK And China Deepen Financial Links: London Launches Europe’s First Yuan-Denominated ETF

The UK has deepened its financial links with China on Wednesday and has become the first country in Europe to launch a yuan-denominated money market fund, which allows investors to gain direct exposure to China’s interbank lending market, Reuters reports. The exchange-traded fund (ETF) from China Construction Bank International — China’s second largest bank — will be domiciled in the … Continue reading

Why Regulating Multi-National Corporations Is As Difficult As It Sounds

By Flor González Correa Bolivia, Cuba, Ecuador, South Africa and Venezuela proposed a treaty to regulate transnational corporations last year. You’d be forgiven for feeling a sense of déjà vu. It has been a long and complicated road to tightening the leash on the giant, global corporations which can dominate our lives. The United Nations has … Continue reading

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