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Oman’s 2016 Geopolitical Chessboard: A Discreet Actor In The Middle East

Discreet, the Sultanate of Oman becomes more and more a  “pragmatic foreign policy actor” to consider  in the Middle East. But how the Sultanate’s past present and future political choices could affect its territory and the whole region?

Are We Heading To An “Oil War” Within OPEC’S Members?

Who would have been able to predict one year ago that crude oil’s price, which had already plummeted between January, 2014 and January, 2015 from 110 to 50 dollars, will continue its going down and dip under the 30 dollar mark? Goldman Sachs maybe?

The Middle East’s 2 Great Powers, Iran & Saudi Arabia, Are Heading For A Showdown Over Oil Prices

On Monday, December 7th, the price of oil per barrel fell to its lowest level in almost seven years, as a result  of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC)  inertia regarding the plethoric offer at global level. Light sweet crude’s (WTI) per barrel price fell to the lowest closing level since February 2009 on Monday, following the … Continue reading

U.S.-EU And Russia: Geopolitical Chess Fever Over Greece And Turkey’s Energy Plans

According to the latest news update from Russian and Turkish sources, these days there is a mobility in terms of launching a series of initiatives both at the diplomatic and technocratic level, in order to reach a final agreement between the Turkish energy company BOTAS & Russia’s Gazprom for the construction of  the Turkish Stream … Continue reading

A Network Of Russian Veins Of Influence : Gas Pipelines Of The European Continent

By South Front Global Research, August 22, 2015 , Companies’ sources (data from websites accordingly) and EIA.   Natural gas has limited and expensive transport options. As a result, natural gas pipelines are constantly used as a tool of  political pressure and bargaining. One of the most notable battlefields is the European continent, where Russia has exerted … Continue reading

China Risks Massively Destroying The Job Industry In Europe

From 2017, more than three million jobs in the European Union and around 50 anti-dumping legal cases are at risk if the bloc grants new trade rights to China, a new study says, prompting a major backlash from both industry and trade unions. . As December of 2016 approaches,a date when China will obtain the … Continue reading

Turkey And The South Caucasus Geopolitics In 2015

Azerbaijan maintains friendly and partner relations with Turkey, Georgia, Russia and Iran. It has problems only with Armenia, which occupied 20% of Azerbaijani lands and holds them under occupation for over 20 years. In 1988, the Armenians of Karabakh voted to secede and join Armenia. This, along with mutual massacres in Azerbaijan and Armenia resulted … Continue reading

Egypt’s President Sisi Inaugurates The New Suez Canal As A Way To Defeat Terrorists

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi said on Thursday Egypt would defeat terrorism, as he inaugurated the New Suez Canal project and the first ship passed through the waterway. Egypt during this year stood against the most dangerous terrorist ideology, that would burn the world if it could, Sisi said at a lavish ceremony attended by world … Continue reading

Greek Crisis: Why The Athens Stock Exchange Plunged On Reopening The 3rd Of August

After five weeks of closure, the Athens Stock Exchange reopened on Monday and immediately the trend went sharply down. Investors do not believe that a recovery of the Greek economy could occur soon. Greece’s stock market reopened after five weeks to the most savage wave of selling in decades, underlining a crisis that’s crippled the … Continue reading

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