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What Will Drive Peru’s Economy After Its Election?

Peru’s business regulations are not expected to change radically regardless of which presidential candidate is elected in the upcoming 2016 election. Peru’s fragmented political scene will require the next president to form alliances in Congress to pass legislation, slowing the legislative process for major regulatory changes. Protests and a militant threat in southeastern Peru will … Continue reading

Commodities Collapsed Just Before The Last Stock Market Crash – So Guess What Is Happening Right Now?

By Michael Snyder If we were going to see a stock market crash in the United States in the fall of 2015 (to use a hypothetical example), we would expect to see commodity prices begin to crash a few months ahead of time.  This is precisely what happened just before the great financial crisis of … Continue reading

Troublesome Times For The Mongolian Economy

By Mark Goleman In early October of 2014, the Mongolian coalition democratic government, because of its policy known as the “Reform Government” at the initiative of Prime Minister Norovyn Altankhuyag proposed a reform of the government by reducing the number of ministries from 16 to 13 by their merger, updating their composition, etc. Norovyn Altanhuyag, in … Continue reading

Why Brazil Cannot Afford to Stall Its Mining Law Any Longer

By Stratfor Global Intelligence The Brazilian legislature will soon decide whether to move forward with approving a new mining law that has been stuck in the National Congress since 2013, replacing the code that has been in place since 1967. In its current form, the new law would establish auctions for mining concessions and raise … Continue reading

India Has A Coal Problem

By Dhanasree Jayaram India’s Prime Minister, Narendra Modi has expressed his interest in not only addressing climate change and energy security problems at the national level but also his willingness to work with the rest of the international community on reaching a consensus at the Paris Climate Summit later this year. During his recent visit to … Continue reading

India Provides $1 Billion Credit Line To Mongolia, Upgrades Relationship To Strategic Partnership

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday announced a $1 billion line of credit to Mongolia in addition to upgrading the relationship of the two countries from comprehensive to “strategic partnership”. India will provide Mongolia with a $1 billion line of credit to help the nation fund railway, power, and other infrastructure projects,  a much-needed boost for the east-central … Continue reading

China “Eager To Cooperate” With India For Joint Deep Sea Mining Of Indian Ocean

Ahead of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s official visit to China slated for May 14-16, Beijing has indicated that it is “eager to cooperate” with New Delhi on deep seabed mining in the Indian Ocean, according to a report from state-run China Daily. China is fully prepared to cooperate with India on deep seabed mining in the Indian … Continue reading

Mongolia: The Future Of Eurasia?

By Neil Thompson, Geopolitical Monitor The country of just 2.8 million is encased between her two giant neighbors, Russia to the north and China to the south. For most of the twentieth century Mongolia was, like many Eastern European states, part of the Soviet empire. Then in 1990 the withdrawal of the Soviet military and of Russia’s … Continue reading

South Africa’s Power Crisis Takes A Toll On Its Economy

South Africa’s deepening power crisis, the worst crisis since 2008, triggers nearly daily outages across the nation which has impacted key industries in addition to households, has taken a toll on its economy. In 2014, South Africa’s economic growth came it at a paltry 1.5%, which is the lowest rate of growth in five years, the Financial Times (FT) reports. Although … Continue reading

Open Talks Between Mining Firms And Governments Key To Powering Africa, World Bank Says

By The World Bank The World Bank can play a critical role in facilitating transparent and meaningful talks between mining companies, electricity producers and governments in Africa about ways to work together to bring energy to millions of people in the region, panelists at a global mining event said on Monday. In Sub-Saharan Africa, where … Continue reading

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