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Oman’s 2016 Geopolitical Chessboard: A Discreet Actor In The Middle East

Discreet, the Sultanate of Oman becomes more and more a  “pragmatic foreign policy actor” to consider  in the Middle East. But how the Sultanate’s past present and future political choices could affect its territory and the whole region?

Supply Problems In Iraq Boost Crude To $37

Oil prices rallied as OPEC crude output fell by 280,000 barrels per day (bpd) in February, according to a Reuters survey. The main reason is an involuntary disruption of supplies from a pipeline in Iraqi Kurdistan that was recently pumping about 600,000 bpd. The pipeline has been offline since February 17 and could stay closed … Continue reading

Emerging Markets Feeling The Heat From S&P

Emerging market economies are feeling the sting amid an oil price crisis and a slowdown in global growth which is battering economies, markets, and companies; alongside political risk these factors are eroding creditworthiness, which has lead to a spate of downgrades from ratings firm Standard & Poor’s (S&P). S&P has been the first ratings firm to downgrade sovereign debt from Saudi Arabia to Poland so far this year. On February 17, … Continue reading

World War 3 Could Start This Month: 350,000 Soldiers In Saudi Arabia Stand Ready To Invade Syria

By Michael Snyder 350,000 soldiers, 20,000 tanks, 2,450 warplanes and 460 military helicopters are massing in northern Saudi Arabia for a military exercise that is being called “Northern Thunder”.  According to the official announcement, forces are being contributed by Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Jordan, Bahrain, Sudan, Kuwait, Morocco, Pakistan, Tunisia, Oman, Qatar, Malaysia … Continue reading

Middle East: Oman’s Subsidies To Exceed $7 Billion This Year According To IMF Study

Oman’s total subsidies will touch $7.27 billion this year, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) reports in a study. This is against a subsidy estimate at $4.64 billion for 2015 in the state budget and an actual subsidy of $4.36 billion in 2014, which indicated a fall of 17.11 per cent over the previous year due … Continue reading

Japan & Oman Sign New Investment Agreement

Originally posted on The Monetary Express:
Japan and Oman have taken another bold step in strengthening ties between the two countries by penning a new investment agreement, with the terms of such agreement to come into fruition in the next few months according to Japan’s ambassador to the Sultanate. The objective of the agreement is…

Oman May Invest $7 Billion In Indonesia’s Oil And Gas Industry

Indonesia’s Energy and Mineral Resources Minister Sudirman Said said that Omani investors may invest up to $7 billion in oil and gas projects in the country, the Jakarta Globe reports. According to the report, the minister says that a number of investors from Oman have expressed interests in developing oil and gas tanks, a refinery, … Continue reading

How Long Can Gulf Nations Endure Low Oil Prices?

By Jennifer Hunt University of Sydney In his first royal decree, Saudi Arabia’s newly crowned King Salman announced two-month bonuses for state employees, pensioners, students, and recipients of social service programs (that is, everyone in the country with a Saudi passport). It adds billions of dollars’ worth of spending to a budget already hit hard … Continue reading

Though Often Overlooked, Ties Between Oman And Indonesia Are Helping Growth In Both Countries

By Muhammad Zulfikar Rakhmat Despite the lack of coverage, Indonesia and Oman have become indispensable partners. Their partnership has witnessed a series of quiet, yet important, developments in recent years. Although the ties between Indonesia and Oman can be traced back to the 13th century when Omani traders began to traveling in the Eastern hemisphere, formal … Continue reading

Russia’s Putin, Venezuela’s Maduro To Meet For Talks On Oil, Finance – TASS

Russian President Vladimir Putin is due on Thursday to hold talks with his Venezuelan counterpart Nicolas Maduro, who will arrive in Russia on a working visit, presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov has said. “In fact, President Putin plans to hold such a meeting on Thursday,” Peskov said, confirming earlier reports from Venezuelan sources. The sides will … Continue reading

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