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Who Gains And Who Loses From Plunging Oil Prices In The Middle East And North Africa Region?

By The World Bank Judging by the futures market, where the price of oil for delivery in August 2015 is US$56 per barrel, there is little optimism about a recovery in oil prices. With cheap oil looking like it is here to stay, the latest Quarterly Economic Bulletin offers a breakdown by country of the … Continue reading

Libya Faces Heightened Threats Of Renewed Western Intervention

By Abayomi Azikiwe Recent reports related to Libya claim that Islamic State (IS) camps have been set up in the North African state, a country in chaos since the United States-NATO led bombing and ground war of regime in 2011 resulting in the ousting of the Gaddafi government and the destruction of Africa’s once most … Continue reading

Can Tunisia’s Start-Up Scene Save Its Nascent Democracy?

Long understood to be a peripheral North African Arab state hugging the Mediterranean shoreline, street vendor Mohammed Bu Azzizi’s December 2010’s self immolation became the proverbial spark that catapulted Tunisia into the forefront of change in the Middle East/North Africa Region. Today, the Arab World is again looking towards Tunisia as it seems to many … Continue reading

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