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In Argentina, Significant Investment Lies In The Balance Of October’s Elections

Argentina is preparing for its up-and-coming presidential election that is set to take place in October, a move which could usher in a new government that is not tarnished in conspiracies and corruption and could actually give blossom to a nation that has endured many years of economic hardship with the bulk of the nation living from paycheck-to-paycheck and sweating to grab as many dollars as possible to pay the previous month’s bills.

Argentina Dirty FlagFirst, let’s take a look at what is at stake: Argentina’s natural resources are vast with massive potential. Infact, its Vaca Muerta shale oil formation is home of the world’s second-largest shale-gas reserves.

Second, let’s consider what lies in the balance:  billions of dollars of investment in natural resources.

But hold on a second, although I am talking about the nation’s huge potential now, let us not forget the nation’s history.

Let us rewind a few years back, ok?

I am not sure if you recall when the Latin American nation was literally “raped” due to ridiculously poor government decisions which happened where there were a high number of Argentine state companies that were sold off by the government in conditions that were similar to those that were sold during a firesale-style that we witnessed here in the U.S. during the 2008-2009 financial crisis after the bank failures.

Millions of people in Argentina lost their jobs during this timeframe — years back — and were forced into poverty, many of which still live in these same conditions, and whom never recovered — still to this date.  Unemployment, inflation, and debt spiked as the nation was dealt the crippling hand.

Indeed, the nation still faces such an epidemic — which is always disputed by the government whom wants to paint a rosy picture of how they see their nation.

Before we get too far ahead, we were talking about the nation’s history earlier, right?  We really need to take a look at this, because I strongly believe that many of those reading this outside of Latin America may not actually be aware of what actually happened.

Here is a documentary that I really want you to watch (if you have the time) to get you up to speed.

This is going to shed light for those of you whom may be unaware, oblivious, or perhaps living under a rock:

Although this film is over 4 years old, it certainly gives you insight and a lead up to what is actually going on back in the day until this day right now.

To top that off, there is a massive national debt and shady inflation and unemployment numbers to this date, one must really take a deep thought of where this country is actually heading.

But wait.  Lets take a deep breath, because that is from four years ago, so things must be better now, right?

No, negative, negativo.

Wishful thinking.  Things are bad, not quite as before, but much of the nation is still in poverty.  Things are not really getting better, infact things appear to be getting worse from my vision.


Argentina’s data has been in question for nearly a decade over suspect inflation, unemployment, and gross domestic product (GDP).  Infact, the International Monetary Fund (IMF), which requires accurate data to analyze the world’s economies, had censured Argentina in 2013 for failing to improve such data figures, which puts the country at risk of official sanctions that could have banned it from voting on IMF policies and from accessing financing.


Earlier in June, the IMF board said that Argentina had failed to take the necessary steps in order to bring the quality of its economic statistics in line with global standards and extended Argentina’s review process by one year.

Indeed, the hardship in Argentina — to this date — is real (not quite like Venezuela …but headed in this direction) as capital controls seem to be increasing.

As I look out of the semi-lavish house that I own inside of the city of Buenos Aires, I no longer see the harmony which was once there, such as the people greeting one another with a mate drink and a chat with a hug and conversation.

Instead, I see people barring their doors and windows, for protection, and rightfully so. Those whom are living in fear of gunmen whom ransack houses — such as what happened at my house last year in Buenos Aires in the middle of the night whom bandits held pistols to the heads of my children and wife at 2am demanding gems and U.S. dollars (no shit) — thank god, nobody was killed or hurt, however we had massive monetary losses from this, we are still hurting very bad, it is really sad.

The point I am trying to make is that government of the past needs to be removed for a more prominent nation of Argentina.  We need to start somewhere.

The nation needs to be reassured that there will be jobs for the folks in poverty to support their families.  This will eventually remove those from poverty and remove the crime.

The small steps we need to take.

One may not think this date is important.

But for those in Argentina, this is your lifeline.  Raise up!  Make your vote count!  Make a difference!

Although I talk to you guys about investing — I am speaking to you in both a capital and social aspect.

I care more about the social impact of the nation vs the capital.

There are so many people in bad shape in Argentina.  Myself, I take a look and I see it every day.

For the people of Argentina, whom I love, the most important thing you can do for this standpoint is to judge the best leader that you can.

I know it is hard.

I can’t tell you what to do.

But I am certain that all candidates are in the running for the capital, and not running in the best interest of the nation.

Folks — there are billions of dollars of investment that are on the table with this election, that is real, no joke.  Forget the years of the Kirchner rule, that is out of the window, however the henchmen of the Kirchner clan is out there, lurking.

I am not present enough in Argentina to assess this enough, and I worry, especially for my family.

So I urge you guys to please use your due diligence.

Although there may be billions on the table.  I ask you — at what cost?  Although I like to make money.  I am just like you, and I want the best for you.

The poor will remain poor at the cost of corporations, and very poor.  Perhaps for decades.  Things are not going to get any better, not even close.  That is a pipe dream, sadly. Large institutions with continue to “rape” the country at your expense and profit.

I know it is sad, but this is the world we live in.

On the flip side, although I am talking dark and doomsday, there is also a possibility that the next president could usher in a new decade of prosperity for the nation, and I certainly hope so, revive the nation’s lifeline and flourish the country.

I certainly hope so.

But only time will tell.  I want to make sure that all of you all understand what is stake and what the consequences are.

My people of Argentina, I love you, although I am a U.S. citizen, my wife and my beautiful daughters were all born and raised and live in your nation, and for this my heart is for you, and always will be.

I want the best, truly, I do.

God bless.

Take care.  I am with you and you have my support.


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